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Accounting is the

language of business!

And Heather Sunseri wants you

to know how to speak the language.

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Hi, I’m Heather

My job is to help word people understand numbers.

I am an author of three successful fictional series consisting of more than fourteen titles, including short stories and novellas. I write young adult and romantic suspense, which you can check out at

What you really need to know is that I was a practicing CPA for twenty years and worked with a variety of clients ranging from Kentucky Derby winning trainers, thoroughbred horse owners, and other multi-million dollar thoroughbred horse farms (my specialty) to manufacturing to professional baseball players to a large variety of small businesses.

I was in the business of knowing business and understanding accounting and taxes.

What does this mean for you?

It means that not only do I understand your needs as an author, I also understand your frustrations with accounting and taxes. I spent twenty years helping clients understand their own business when it came to accounting, numbers, and making more money.

I am here to help you, my fellow friends and authors, understand your accounting needs. Maybe I can help you know when you can handle your business needs on your own, and when you should seek a professional.

What does this NOT mean for you?

I cannot offer tax advice in a blog post, and nothing you find on this website should be taken as tax advice from me to apply to your individual situation. Articles written on are intended to be accurate at the time they are written. (We all know that tax and accounting laws change rapidly. Don’t shoot the messenger!)

What should you do now?

You’re still here? I haven’t lost you to your manuscripts? Great! Then, let’s get started. Sign up to be on the Accounting for Authors mailing list, and I will email you when I’ve posted new content on the site. I’ll also email you as free resources become available. I have big plans to teach you everything I know about accounting.

Bye for now!


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